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We serve a fantastic range of freshly made to order sandwiches, paninis and a great selection of freshly made healthy salads, all topped off with a brilliant range of decadent vegan & gluten free cakes.




If you want somewhere to lay your hat for an hour or two, we have a room you can use exclusively. We charge you for each hour you need, and it comes with a steaming hot pot of coffee or tea, and a few nibbles. If you book a week in advance we can also arrange more substantial catering. We can cater for up to 8 people.




Delicious homemade baking, by Aaron Prentice, aka Beardy Baker, who bakes from his home in Canterbury. He has a plethora of cakes, buns and biscuits to choose from. We did quite a lot of ‘tastings’ for you so that you didn’t have to, our pleasure. Our menu will change as there’s so much choice in his scrumptious range.

Docker Bakery


Our passion is hand crafting bread that is incredibly delicious, nutrition and sustaining. Our purpose is to do so in a way that benefits our community, our customers and the environment.



Hinxden Farm Diary is an organisation that works alongside the Finca Olivares Farm, helping to provide social projects that strive for women empowerment and improving quality of life. We love the glass bottles that are still used, and the creamy fresh taste that glass imbues.



What we wanted to create was an inviting, clean space, and fill it with tasty food and drink, sourced as locally as possible (it isn’t always possible). Our rationale is that local has got to be good not just for green reasons, but also because its important to support the little guys. In the process we have discovered some lovely people making lovely food and drink. We can’t stock everyone, but wow is there a rich seam out there!

We have been out, James and me, and tried quite a few local roasteries, and some not so local, and we have chosen what we think are good, smooth and robust coffee beans. We have some for sale, so let us know what you think, as we would love to hear your thoughts.

With close family having to tolerate gluten intolerance, we have worked hard to keep the menu as gluten-free as possible. Please be aware however that we don’t claim to be a totally gluten-free environment. We just think trying to avoid gluten is a healthy option (except in the case of bread, where healthy may have been thrown out of the window). Where possible we have added non-diary, vegetarian and vegan options.



Address: 23 Wincheap, Canterbury, CT1 3RX


Instagram: @shotspacecafe

Opening Times: 830am – 7.30pm

“the old man drank his coffee slowly It was all he would have all day”


Ernest Hemingway
The Old Man and the Sea


Address: 23 Wincheap, Canterbury, CT1 3RX


Instagram: @shotspacecafe

Opening Times: 830am – 7.30pm

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